About Michael Nagy and Raise your Spirits

Michael Nagy was born in Harrisburg, PA, where he currently resides with his wife, Michelle, son, Brendon, three cats, Marla, Marty, and Dudley. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and has Masters’ credits in Community Psychology and Education. He holds an Advanced Certification in Mixology Bartending and has received special recognition for excellence in the Art of Mixology from the Professional Bartending Schools of America (PBSA). He is a former ServSafe Alcohol Licensed Instructor, which provides alcohol awareness to people working in the bar and restaurant industry and trains them in responsible alcohol service. He is RAMP certified, Liquor and General Liability Insured and is also a member of The Bartenders Guild (www.usbg.org), which is a National Association of Professional Bartenders.

He has 14 plus years of experience in the bar and beverage industry as a bartender, mixologist, server, bar manager, bar consultant, master cocktail creator, and cocktail writer. He also served as marketing coordinator and mixology instructor with Capitol Bartending School, member of the Professional Bartending Schools of America, for 3 years and had the opportunity to work with many bar owners in the area through the school’s job placement services.  Michael currently works as a local professional bar consultant and entrepreneur for local bars and restaurants, cocktail party/event planner and mixologist for the community, and independent contractor for local catering companies and businesses. His approach is very hands-on and personable.

His latest resurrection project includes the Buddha Buddha Martini & Cocktail Bar, formerly Eqypt Nightclub and MARS Martini Lounge, in downtown Harrisburg, PA, which opened in October 2012 and is serving up the best handcrafted martinis and homemade cocktails in the capitol city. His past work includes Emerson’s Martini Bar in York, PA and Al Meditteraneo Restaurant and Bar in Hummelstown, PA. Michael has consulted with leading mixologists in the country and other bar industry experts. Michael’s expertise lies in helping struggling bars in the areas of staff training, customer service, customer retention, sales techniques, foundations of mixology, and theme development. He also able to work with future bar owners who need expert advice in all aspects of the ‘front of the house’ through his consultation services.

Michael maintains this website and blog called “Tails from the Barstool” at www.tailsfromthebarstool.com where he offers up advice, drink concoctions, and hot topics and trends in the beverage and bar industry and is soon to be a launching pad for his new book.The title was not spelled incorrectly.  Rather, it refers to 'tails' as in cocktails and is meant to convey 'tales' (stories) of the bar industry.  His first book “The Cocktail Rediscovered”, published in 2007, was one of the best cocktail books of 2007 (see www.about.com) and will be available for purchase on the site soon. It is currently available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online sites. He is currently working on his new book project (yet to be named) that will be released sometime later this year. Stay tuned for the details on the site. If you liked Anthony Bourdain's 'Kitchen Confidential' or 'How to Booze' by Jordan Kaye and Marshall Altier, you will love this. Michael is currently a featured cocktail writer for Chilled Magazine out of NYC.

Michael is owner and operator of "Raise your Spirits", which provides event and party planning, mixology classes & instruction, cocktail menu creation for weddings, private parties, retirements, social events, happy hours, anniversaries, and more. Please check his 'Bar/Event Services' page for more details.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading creative nonfiction and fantasy novels, sipping fine cocktails, fast cars (like his 2012 Camaro), traveling, music, theatre, and providing counsel to poor souls at the bar. He does not have a drinking problem, but does indulge on occasion. You can contact him at mnagy@tailsfromthebarstool.com or on the site to offer up your opinion and feedback on his book and blog and to engage in bar talk. Please register and setup an account - interaction and commenting always encouraged. He will be updating the blog 2 times per week and you can receive a weekly newsletter (just give us your email) and it is delivered right to your inbox in case you missed anything.

Thank you!  Michael

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