Drinking Personality: Wine


This person enjoys the finer things in life and luxury.  They are somewhat concerned with appearance and status.  They are usually in the upper-middle to lower-upper class depending on how they critique the wine list.  They are in no hurry and usually relaxed, not boisterous or loud or on edge. They are generally conservative, classy, and sophisticated, yet giggles on occasion.  If you’re trying to pick her up, tell her you love to travel and spend quiet evenings with friends.  Tell her that you wish Reagan had four more years.  These characteristics don’t include Rose or White Zinfandel.  You’re mature and discerning, and you’re likely an organized professional. You tend to be unadventurous and less likely to take risks. Chances are good you’ve graduated from college. Men drink it to be more appealing and well-cultured to the ladies.

From a girl’s perspective - Any man drinking wine is my kind of guy. It takes a refined pallet to really enjoy this beverage and says a lot about the person drinking it. A man or a woman who knows how to properly pair wine with food has talent and tons of finesse.  They have a certain sexy and sophisticated way about them. I also associate wine with someone who is a little mysterious and dark. Any of you who read “50 Shades of Grey” get where I’m going with this, but wine is definitely a little bit of a romantic aphrodisiac. The wine drinker is sexy, mysterious, tasteful and pure class.

Wine can convey many messages. To many, it's a sophisticated drink, no matter what type you order. To others, wine can suggest a different meaning. Let's see what the different types of wine unveils:

White Wine – Trying to be sophisticated, but falling slightly short

All wine comes with an air of sophistication, Wine is naturally an educated person’s drinks. Sommeliers take years to perfect the understanding of wine and all of its intricate flavors. However, white wine lacks the complexity and aromas of red wine, and therefore, it is often associated with being easier to drink and beginner friendly. Many girls especially prefer the softer flavors of white wine and thus will drink it as a symbol of sophistication while not being a true connoisseur.

Typically, this is ordered by women who don't really know what to drink. It's still got a fruity taste, but it is something you can sip for most of the night if you want to avoid drinking too much. Examples:

  • Chardonnay – You know what you like. Boring and predictable.  The Missionary Position of White Wine.
  • Pinot Grigio – You’re pretentious or don’t know what you like. You follow the herd. May be bisexual.

Red Wine – Like white wine, red wine emanates sophistication. The complex flavors and aromas can take years to understand, and the sometimes exorbitant prices can make wine a true luxury drink. However, drinking wine at a bar or a club when everyone else is drinking cocktails can come off as condescending or snobby. It’s like coming to a house party dressed in a tuxedo — most times, you don’t want to be that person.

People who drink red wine often want to seem sophisticated. Some of them are, some aren't. You can learn a lot by watching how someone holds their wine glass and drinks their wine. Example:

  • Pinot Noir – You’ve seen the movie “Sideways”. Enough said.

Blush Wine/White Zinfandel – These people aspire to culture and refinement, but have not yet figured out how to attain it.  With hope, in five years they will look back on their consumption of it and cringe in embarrassment.

People who order blush or white zinfandel in a restaurant are not typically wine drinkers.  They really have no idea what is good or not-so-good when ordering wine.

Champagne – You’re reserved, classy, or a stripper.

ProseccoLike champagne, but a dry sparkling wine from Italy made from chardonnay grapes.  You're often a little uptight, but tonight you're looking to party.


Haven't seen what you like to drink yet...Don't worry...More to come!



I am trying to get more into wines. My taste buds are struggling. I like a very fruity wine, but was wondering if you had any suggestions on types to experiment with to expand. I recently had a Riesling wine that I loved...


Hey Megan, generally Rieslings' are the sweetest of the whites, but some of the German Rieslings' are a little drier. If you see the german word 'trocken' on the bottle it is a bit drier. If you like 'fruity', I would recommend Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, Australia, Washington, and Oregon. "Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc" from New Zealand and "Firesteed Pinot Grigio" from Oregon are two of my favorites. It is especially good in the summer with lite fare but can also be enjoyed all year. For reds, 'Merlot' is really the only grape that is 'fruity'. Pinot Noir is light and palatable for traditional white wine drinkers, but has a lot of dark berries, which are tart in nature. Hope this helps! Let me know...Michael


This is one of my favorite articles so far. My husband introduced me to the wonderful world of wine, and now I am hooked. We drink mostly Merlot, but I have been know to cross the line and go for some white. Thanks again for such great information and looking forward to your insight on Merlot.