Mixology Basics - Part Deux

In continuing our series on the foundations of Mixology, we will now discuss drink classifications, shaking versus stirring rules, and other miscellaneous stuff related to drink prep and drink making. Note: this blog discussion does not replace the Mixology class that I perform. That class goes into much more detail and involves live demos, interaction, and guests actually making the drinks. Ok, here we go:

Shaking vs. Stirring

Top 10 Most Popular Cocktails In The World

Who doesn't like a top ten list? Most of these cocktails have been around since prohibotion and the beginning of the modern drinking age. Along with the list, I am offering up my rating of the cocktail on a scale from 1 to 10 -  aptly named Michael's rating - and tasting notes/occasion. Of course, everyone's taste profile is different so take that in account. If you haven't tried some or most of these, then I feel bad for you. One of my favorite sayings is "I feel bad for people who don't drink because that's the best they're going to feel all day".

Seasonal Cocktails - Hemingway Daiquiri And More...

I recently received excellent ideas from my blog followers as to what topics they most like to read about. To follow up on that I am dedicating this post to dear cousin, Laura Nagy, who is a big fan of seasonal cocktails. I love ya, Laura...Without further adieu, I give you three outstanding, refreshing summer cocktails from my secret personal stash...The common theme to these cocktails is that they all contain grapefruit juice and are best drank outside at a pool or on a deck...Let me know your thoughts.

Glassware: The Basics

This post goes out to Kathy Pioli Lubbers, one of my Facebook friends from 'Raise your Spirits', who had a keen interest in the significance of glassware and the reasoning behind using it. Take the Martini. You merely mention it and it conjures up a distinct image in eveyone's mind - its glass, a shape that is timeless, classic, elegant, and indicative of drink culture from the beginning of time. What would the Martini become without its iconic vessel? It's safe to say that the entire drinking experience would be changed if it was served in a can.

Asian Cocktails: Creative Cocktails Inspired By The East

(Cover photo courtesy of Ping Pong Dim Bar -

If you ever walked in to an American bar and asked for an Asian cocktail you would probably get a blank stare from the bartender. It’s a pretty vague request, but so is asking for an “American” cocktail. If you say that you would like a cocktail that uses Asian ingredients or flavors, such as ginger, jasmine, or lychee, you may experience the same result.

Spirit Spotlight: Drinking Cheap Vodka Or Expensive Vodka - Does It Matter?

There are always, and will always be debates over what is the best tasting vodka? what is the best value vodka? Does it matter if a vodka is cheap versus expensive? Is the quality that much different between expensive and cheap vodka?

Cocktail Spotlight: Spring Cocktails

I realize that many of you have been craving a post on just cocktails, so here it is for your enjoyment...Plus, it is "World Cocktail Week" so what better way to celebrate cocktails. There are some truly fabulous cocktails that are perfect for this time of year - summer...The latest craze are 'muddled' cocktails with the most famous being the "Mint Julep" and "Mojito", but there is so much more that can be made...What this means is that you taking a fruit, veggies, herb or spice and mashing it in the glass to release the oils, juice, and aroma with 'muddler' before preparing the cocktail.

Cocktails Loved By Famous Writers

The best cure for writer’s block? A stiff drink. Maybe they're on to something here. I just may have to try their technique. Who would have thought that the writing profession and cocktails would go together?

Booze and literature have long had a close relationship - many of the world’s most famous authors were as good at drinking as they were at writing. And the drinks they liked to imbibe made such a strong impression that Raymond Chandler, F. Scott Fitzgerald and many more immortalized a number of classic cocktails in their novels.

Tequila And Cinco de Mayo...

Tequila has come a long way from the days when every college kid did a shot of Cuervo or was the spring breaker’s drink of choice. It is now one of the favorite spirits used by top mixologists around the country. The selection of brands and premium brands has tripled in the last decade. But there are still so many misconceptions about this mysterious liquor.  So with Cinco de Mayo just a week away, I decided to set the record straight with facts and not-so-facts of the agave-based spirit. Salud!

There’s a worm in the bottle.